F.L.I. (Future Leaders Ignited) Program  (7th – 8th grade) is an intensified version of Camp Fire NJ’s Building Future Leaders program.  Within this powerful 20 week program the students will discover their potential to be positive role models and leaders, without minimizing the value of others.  Through activities, discussions and reflection, the students will begin to recognize their ability to become the leader they were meant to be.

Session Topics

Session 1: Leadership focuses on different leadership styles and the qualities of a successful leader
Session 2: Choosing Your Co-Pilot focuses on the positive and negative consequences to “the company that you keep”
Session 3: Your Flight Crew the students will learn the importance of teamwork – “You cannot lead without a team!
Session 4: Following Your GPS the students will share their goals and brainstorm solutions to obstacles they may encounter on their journey to reach their goals
Session 5: Spark the students will begin to identify their spark –  “sparks-when illuminated and nurtured-give young people joy, energy and direction…they have the power to change a young person’s life from one of “surviving” to “thriving” – Dr. Peter Benson of the Search Institute
Session 6: Mindset focuses on understanding the difference between fixed vs. growth mindset.  The students will be shown the rewards of growth mindset
Session 7: Self-Esteem the students will gain an understanding of self-esteem, how it impacts the choices they will make, and be encouraged to recognize their strengths in order to remain positive in the face of adversity
Session 8: Acceptance introduces the students to the concept of fully accepting themselves, which leads to fully accepting others
Session 9: Motivation the students will learn to “reroute and figure it out” – when faced with hardships, they will learn to recognize the importance of perseverance
Session 10: Empathy the students will begin to appreciate empathy by learning to “hear with the ears of another, see with the eyes of another, think with the brain of another and feel with the heart of another”
Session 11: Teasing, Bullying and Harassment focuses on teaching the students the necessary tools to become an up stander when dealing with situations involving teasing, bullying, cyber bullying and harassment
Session 12: Cyber-Bullying will force the students to face their dependency to technology and how it can negatively impact their future
Session 13: Internet Safety focuses on the importance of internet safety and the “digital footprint” the students may be leaving, in addition to the negative consequences that may result from their decisions
Session 14: Respect encourages the students to discover what respect really means and how important it is to show – especially to yourself
Session 15: Negative Coping Skills identifies the stressors in the lives of young people and focuses on the risk factors students may face if they choose negative coping skills
Session 16: Positive Coping Skills a continuation of session fifteen – students will continue to identify the stressors in the lives of young people but focus will be on positive coping skills and a more successful outcome
Session 17: Communication students will learn the value of practicing proper social skills, the steps necessary to properly communicate with others and practicing patience
Session 18: Problem Solving students will brainstorm current problems young people face and how they can rise above these problems and soar
Session 19: Diversity students will participate in discussions on interacting with others and celebrating everyone’s differences
Session 20: Conflict Resolution students will learn how to express themselves positively to others and if conflict should arise, how to have a healthy and positive disagreement