The children will learn the tools they will need to become assertive and self-reliant. This program is designed to help students increase their self-esteem, gain knowledge about healthy lifestyles, improve social skills, and effectively overcome negative peer pressure by navigating interactions with others in positive ways.


I Am Special celebrates that everyone has a spark that makes each child special and unique; identifies qualities needed to feel good about oneself and how these qualities help us to be good friends to others; teaches children specific tools to use in developing friendships; and promotes peaceful conflict resolution, empathy, and sensitivity.

I Am Confident And Careful identifies aggressive, passive, and assertive behaviors and their relationships to self-esteem; identifies the assertive child as a capable, positive peer leader; suggests ways to be less vulnerable to negative peer influences, addresses bullying behavior; explores specific tools available to individuals; the role that the bystander and upstander play and how to involve adults in order to resolve problems.
I Keep My Body Healthy focuses on the value of good nutrition and exercises to keep our bodies healthy; increases awareness of positive approaches to stay healthy; and emphasizes being responsible for the choices we make and awareness of the possible consequences.

I Know How To Say No addresses good, bad and dangerous habits; emphasizes the dangers to the mind and body with the use of alcohol, drugs, cigarette and/or other harmful substances; deals with the causes behind substance abuse including suggestions of positive alternative behaviors and empowering assertive behavior.

I Want To Be Safe identifies the connection between adult addiction or substance abuse and the physical/emotional abuse and neglect of children; explores the alternatives for the child to obtain help from their “trusted adult”; identifies the child’s right to be safe and projected; and acknowledge that adults’ “bad habits” are not the child’s responsibility.
I Know How To Use My Tools When I Need Help addresses resistance to peer pressure to try prescription drugs and other dangerous substances; explores ways to avoid participating in dangerous activities/behaviors; gives specific ways to say “NO” and turn things around effectively without losing friends; helps children apply positive friendship skills to the issue of negative peer influence; identifies positive coping skills; and recognizes feelings of loss, separation and divorce.