Camp Fire’s Absolutely Incredible Kid Day is a letter writing campaign that honors our youth by asking adults to write letters of encouragement and inspiration to the incredible kids in their lives. It is a simple, meaningful way to let youth know how much they are loved and appreciated. Camp Fire NJ is partnering with schools, hospitals, and other community organizations to encourage adults to write to absolutely incredible children! This day is typically celebrated on the third Thursday in March, but a suitable alternate date can be arranged.

A Few Tips for Writing Your Letter

A      Form a mental picture of the child, think of his/her “sparks”, the things that he/she enjoys and loves doing.

B      Be specific and be descriptive. Use humor.  Try “Do you know what I like about you?  I like it when you…”

C      Make a list of adjectives that describe the child: funny, honest, hard worker, skillful, talented, helpful, thoughtful, caring, empathetic, resilient, brave…

D      Remember fun times or special moments you and the child have shared. Refer to these events and tell the child what you enjoyed about that time.

E      Include a poem or quote that means something special to you.

Listen to your heart, and the letter you write will be just right!